Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Candy!

During the past week, I have had my hands on more candy than you can imagine. On Wednesday, I attended a Business to Business Trade show, where every booth had a huge bowl of candy. At work, every department has candy. Everywhere. Last night, I made 45 goodie bags filled with candy for the kids to take to school. And you know what's amazing. I haven't put one piece of candy in my mouth. Not one. I am really astonished that I am exhibiting so much willpower. Because, to be honest, I usually have ZERO willpower. What's going on here? Who am I and what have I done with Jill Parker? Bizarre.

It's day 13 and I feel pretty freaking good. Mark asked me last night what's different as far as how I have been feeling and there's really three things I've noticed so far.
First, I seem to be much more focused. My head seems, I don't know, more clear. I am not as forgetful. Now, that could be mind over matter, but maybe the sugar and yeast was clogging my brain. Who knows, who cares? I feel better.
Second, I am in a much better mood. I seem to take things in stride better. A broken glass in the sink (which happened last night) doesn't seem to send me into a tizzy. Again, could be mind over matter, but I'm going with it.
Third, and this is really exciting. I really think my psoriasis is improving. Now that's huge. I really hope it continues.

So, today I am headed to the Spaghetti Lunch at the kids school. But this time, rather than scarfing down meatballs with the kids, I have to pack my own lunch. Sure people look at me funny when I take out my Matzoh and my green beans, but I don't care. Because if that's what it takes to continue on this road to be it. And this weekend, we are going trick or treating with our good pals, the Giovinazzi's. Courtney, god love her, is making us a yeast and sugar free dinner on Sunday night before we head out with the kids. Now that's friendship.

And on Sunday, we will come home with a crap-load of candy from our trick or treating. But, this gal won't be eating any. Just imagine how much longer the halloween candy will last since I won't be shoving any down my pie-hole. I'm sure Marker Parker can pick up the slack.....he's a sucker for a tootsie roll.

Have a ghoulish Halloween

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