Monday, October 25, 2010

A now for something completely different...

Yes, we all know I am yeast and sugar free...blah blah 9, whatever, it's getting kind of boring and I daresay easy. But then again, talk to me next week when I have to go the St. John's auction and drink club soda...but that's a story for another blog. Today, I wanna talk politics. Well, actually no, I really don't want to talk politics. I am so freaking sick of politics. It happens every November (hell, I've even blogged about it before), but this year it seems to be just a bit more vivid. It's the damn political ads that have me all in a jam.
If I have to watch one more flipping political ad sponsored by the "people for a better society by making Jill Parker freaking nuts society" I am going to go out of my mind. Every 5 seconds, on the radio, on the tv....another ad...."Paul Lepage hates puppies!" "Libby Mitchell voted to take diabetic's insulin away!." "Elliot Cutler once dressed in drag" ENOUGH ALREADY.
Now, here's my question, is anyone really sitting in their living room watching Wheel of Fortune and when these commercials come on the box, they say...."well gee, I didn't know that Dean Scontras was once a member of a secret society that tortured kittens, he's not getting my vote." REALLY?
And what about the darn questions...Yes on 1, No on 3....Take charge and vote on the resolution not to revoke the legislatures decision to consider possibly allowing indians to play bingo on the reservation. For crying out loud...I can't say Yes or No, I don't even understand the damn question.
Now, everyone that knows the Parkers knows that my husband is a political junkie. He loves politics, and being a conservative, he is particularly loving politics these days. Election night for him is his Super Bowl. He will stay up late to see whether the Republicans take West Virginia (why?). Heck, sometimes I make him wings and Nachos while he watches the returns. It's his night. And it gives me joy to see him so happy when the "right" candidates win as it gives him hope that the country is moving in the right direction, hopefully away from socialism. It's like a wife enjoying when her husband's team wins the super bowl.
But this joy will pale in comparison to the unbridled happiness I will feel on November 3rd, when political commercials are off the TV and I can go back to watching inane "Snuggie" ads which are so darn clever.
My name is Jill Parker, and I approve this message.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. By the way, Mike will stay up watching the results as well. It truly is the Super Bowl for him. I just go to bed and thank the good Lord in my prayers that the ads are going off the TV.