Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Food! Glorious Food!

Well, the holidays are upon us already. I know this because Target is all decorated for Christmas. They started this decorating in October. Yes. October. It seems they begin earlier every year. In a few years we will be strolling through the bathing suit section while listening to John Lennon's .." So This is Christmas." (the most overplayed, horrible Christmas song ever, but I don't want to "pull a Target" and bring out the Christmas blog too early, so we will leave that for another day)
For someone like me on a rather restrictive diet, the holidays are going to have a completely different flavor this year...figuratively speaking. Let's review the Thanksgiving menu.....
Turkey..yes...Stuffing...nope....potatoes..a little....gravy...ok...Rolls..nope. Ok, so that's not bad, I can have a nice yummy Thanksgiving dinner, hold the cranberry sauce. But it's not about the meal itself. It's the appetizers. Antipasto is a no-no. So are pigs in a blanket. Stuffed mushrooms are out of the question. I am going to have to come up with some yummy h'orsdouvres that I can make for myself so I don't sit there drooling over the baked clams.
But let's face it...this is really about...the booze.
I haven't had a holiday where I wasn't sitting there enjoying the company of family, sipping a glass of pinot grigio in at least 20 years. So that's really the game changer.

This past weekend, I allowed myself a few drinks at the St. John's Auction. And Jeez did I pay for it on Sunday. I haven't felt that crappy in a long time. My Doc says it's because I have detoxed effectively and now the wine is something that my system really doesn't want any part of. What? Since when does my system not wine? Well, this is certainly new isn't it?
But to be honest, I feel so freaking good the rest of the time, I don't want to buck the trend ya know. I am going to have to give this further analysis. Your input, as always is welcome.
In the meantime, I will be combing the internet for a sugar free, yeast free baked clam recipe.

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