Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nutritionist Today

I am off to meet with the Nutrition Counselor this morning. So many questions.....
Can I drink coffee? (the answer had better be yes)
What's the story with cheese?
Is Dairy a problem?
I read that Vodka isn't fermented......please tell me that's true?

Well, you get the idea. I am now on Day 5 of my journey and I must say, I feel pretty good. The headache seems to have subsided and I definitely haven't felt deprived. I still have that alien living in my stomach but he seems a bit subdued today. That's a good sign.

I still can't get over the outpouring of support from friends and family since I hopped on this wagon(no pun intended). I have had folks sending me information and offers of support. Friends have offered to cook for me and want to know what I can and can't eat. I really can't get over the thoughtfulness of my pals. And of course, Mark is being so supportive. He is making every effort to encourage me all the time....awesome.

Since it's Thursday, it's time to prepare for the first hurtle....Friday night without a glass of wine. I anticipate that I will likely need to go to bed around 6:00 PM in order to pass this milestone with minimal crankiness. I hope my family understands.

Well, off to see the Nutrition lady...wish me luck


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