Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As I wade my way through the minefield that is my refrigerator, or "frigidaire" as I like to call it, I find that I have many more questions than answers. Eggs? Yes or No? What about berries? Fine for the Yeast deal, but not so great for the sugar. I am really looking forward to my meeting with the nutrition counselor on Thursday so I can get answers to these pressing questions. In the meantime, I am eating matzoh's and tomato juice......doesn't that sound appetizing? I suppose I just have to adopt the "passover" diet. The good news is the fact that I feel that Mr. Manischewitz was a genius and Thin Matzohs are the "unleavened experience of a lifetime."
Last night's dinner was good too...grilled chicken, rice (I think I can have that) and broccoli. Not too shabby. Of course the kids would have prefered for the chicken to be covered in bread crumbs and fried....but alas...that's not in the cards.
So my doc told me that when I "got off the yeast" my stomach would "literally scream for yeast" as you cut off it's supply. Jeez, she wasn't kidding. I was sitting at my desk yesterday and my stomach was literally SHOUTING at me. It was weird. I felt like that guy in Alien and I began to worry that a small creature was going to crawl right outta my belly button. Bizarre. From what I understand, that goes away in a few days thank goodness!

Ok, now to my mania.....my biggest fear.....through my research it would appear that coffee is supposed to be off limits. All I can say is.....COME ON! Really? My coffee? I think I am making enough sacrifices can't I at least keep the G.D. Coffee? Please? I intend to get to the bottom of this with the nutrition counselor on Thursday and I am putting together a strong case in the defense of coffee as a way to maintain my sanity. (I was also thinking of a similar case for Xanax as well, but I don't think that will fly :-)

Any yeast free/sugar free food ideas are always welcome from my loyal followers (rather follower-thanks Suz!)

Have a yeast free day!

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  1. I was not informed of this. Why was i not informed of this? I ask "what's up?" and although this would be the oppurtune time to mention "hey, i can't have sugar or yeast anymore" instead i get "Matty got a four wheeler for his birthday" hurmph. I had to stalk you to find out what was what. Well, best of luck in the new diet, I'll pray for you and i'll see you at thanksgiving. PEACE and LOVE!